Did you know Americans spend nearly 70 billion hours in their car per year? According to a AAA research study, Americans spend 70 billion hours behind the wheel which is actually an 8% increase since 2014. The time you spend in your vehicle adds up which makes it that much more important to clean and service your vehicle. People who suffer from allergies spend endless hours cleaning and sanitizing their homes and work spaces but is it all for nothing if a huge part of your time is in an uncleaned car?


Top 3 Ways to Allergy Proof Your Car

Service Your Vehicle

Many people don't realize the amount of dust and pollen that gets trapped in the air system inside a vehicle. Servicing your vehicle twice a year, (fall and spring) can help tremendously with cleaning out the air system.The best service for allergy relief is the Air Conditioning Disinfecting Kit. This includes a cabin filer replacement and Frigi Clean and Fresh service. This service kills contaminants that can cause healthy issues such as allergies, asthma, and respiratory infection. You can find this allergy relief service right here at Hill Nissan. Click here for a discount on this service.

Stay On Top of the Dirt

The easiest way to keep your vehicle clean is to keep a consistent cleaning schedule. Cleaning your car often can make each cleaning shorter and easier. Not only will this help dirt, mold, and pollen build up, it will help keep your  interior in good condition ultimately helping your trade in value when it comes time to upgrade. Simple procedures such as vacuuming, wiping the dashboard and steering wheel, and windows with a wet rag will help keep the dust at bay. 

Visit the Car Wash

Rinse or run your vehicle through the car wash if you have traveled to a highly pollinated area. Leaving the dirt and pollen on the exterior of your vehicle can easily make its way to the inside.