Hill Nissan - Hurricane Irma Relief Program

To help people in the communities that were struck by Hurricane Irma, Nissan is rolling out a Special Delayed Payment Program that allows qualified customers to delay their first payment for up to 180 days for 60 months and up to 90 days for 72 months on vehicles financed with Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. To find out if you qualify to take advantage of this program please contact us today either phone on 1-(866) 734-8595 or use the form below and a member of our team will contact you with the details.

How to get an Employee Pricing Claim ID:

1. Visit InsideNissan.com
2. Select link designated for those affected by Natural Disasters
3. Enter First and Last Name
4. Click on "Hurricane Irma Relief Program"
5. Gather documents showing proof of eligibility

What do I do next?

1. Bring a printed copy of your Employee Pricing Claim ID number to Hill Nissan along with your proof of eligibility
2. Identify yourself as a Nissan Employee Pricing Customer
3. Select your new Nissan

Please remember to bring:

Valid driver's license
Insurance card for proof of ownership
Insurance claim number and insurance adjuster damage appraisal form, including location, date, and cause of damage/loss

Nissan Special Delayed Payment Inquiry