When the lowest price is not the best deal!

When is the lowest price NOT the best for you? When the price you see isn't really the price you pay! Area Nissan dealers are starting to price their new vehicles on the Internet including rebates you probably don't qualify for and some even do not include Destination charge (which is on the window sticker of every new vehicle). On the used side, some dealers are now pricing their vehicles before adding in the cost of reconditioning, which can add over $1,000 to the price!

Our prices NEVER include rebates that are only for some people. The price you see on the Internet reflects the price EVERYONE pays! We ALWAYS include destination charges in our prices. Since it can't be avoided, we include that in our prices. And our pre-owned vehicles include the cost for reconditioning.

Where do you find all this out without going to the dealership and wasting your time? A great place to check is at the bottom of the page for that vehicle on the dealership's website. By law, the terms and conditions for their pricing must be listed there.

So, what does all this mean? It means you have to be very careful to the true price of the vehicle you want to purchase. Best way to find out? Ask the dealer to email you a Buyers Order. That should disclose ALL the various fees and rebates that you qualify for. If the dealer balks at providing you a way to buy their vehicle, there's a reason why. We, on the other hand, are transparent, full disclosure dealership.

Buying a car should not be so confusing or difficult. We agree.



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